The new phenomenon to reach the service department.

When we were approached by Ford UK in relation to achieving a way of retrieving lost and lapsed customers from their service departments, we needed to put together a programme and strategy that would not only work but would be very 'user' friendly towards both the Service team and the customers. To gain that all important conversation with the customers to clarify 'why' we have lost them in the first place and then through justification and customer benefits, get them back.!

What we came up with was the Lapsed Service Data Programme.

Once again the scepticism we received after initially offering this to Ford UK and what 'we' believed would be results, was very high. Something we are used to though. So once again we suggested that we show rather than tell them the results in a real situation. Ford agreed and we set out on completing pilots of the programme.

Below are a few comments and observations that the Service Manager has given back to us after we completed the programme at his dealer.

Tony Jackson. Service Manager. Hodson Ford . Stafford

When Andrew (Andrew Batts Director Experience-GB) arrived on day one, we still had an 'air' of anticipation and scepticism about what was about to happen...

He first looked through the data we had selected. This consisted of customers we HAD NOT seen for several months into the service department, in excess of a year in many cases. He then proceeded to mail merge and print these. He advised us that it was essential these hit the post that day to gain result day two.

In the afternoon he trained the Service team in a psychology conversion based way to receive the in coming calls we were told would start the very next day.

What a surprise!! The very next morning (8.35am to be precise) the phones began to ring. Andrew took the first calls enabling the team to see the programme come to life....Experience-GB were totally committed, working with us all the way, arriving on site the same time as the Service team did and leaving when they did. Once Andrew had taken several calls 'showing' my team how the process works, he then got the team involved in taking them, training and coaching them along the way 'live' as the calls were coming through. He also kept taking the overflow of calls helping us every step of the way but always insuring the team were up to speed and knew how to handle calls, making the best use of everyone. The team's effort and buy in to the whole event was phenomenal.

At This point my advice to any service department running this programme would be, organise things in a way that your whole team can take part and reap the benefits from the training, it was nothing short of fantastic and a major plus to the programme, my team were on a total high and were left buzzing.

Some of my teams comments were...

Claire an experienced service department member said... 'it was the best working day of my life'.!

Bob, another member of my team who has been in the same career for many years and at first was the most cynical about the programme, now he truly cannot praise the programme enough.

This is an overview of the results we gained from just two days of calls.

We only sent out 800 letters, we received in excess of 130 calls securing 50 imminent and future Service and MOT appointments. It also gave us the opportunity to sell service assure products due to the training approach of the conversations we were having. Claire actually broke her duck selling her first one whilst having on of the conversations from the programme.

On top of this we have even sold 1 new car from the leads past to the sales team from the calls we received.

I will end by saying the letter is the easy bit.. it was what we were saying to these customers that won their confidence AND their business back.

Again, the psychology and training behind this was excellently presented and shown to us BEFORE we even touched the phones. I would have no hesitation in highly recommend the programme and from running this one I will also go on to running the sales 'Good News' programme for my sales team in the future.

Tony Jackson
Service Manager
Hodson Ford

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