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‘All in all an astonishing result, and one which I could never have predicted.’
Thu 23 Feb 12
Off the back end of this, the financial results speak for themselves. Read full testimonial from dealer...
‘To receive 360 incoming calls in the space of ten days is amazing’
Mon 30 Jan 12
35 new and 10 used vehicles sold from those appointments, making a total of 45 vehicles sold so far. Read full testimonial from dealer...
I cant speak highly enough of this Experience GB event and of Stuart Coe
Tue 17 Jan 12
To be completely honest when I first heard about this programme I was very skeptical...
‘Regain your lost Service Customers as we did with the PHENOMENAL results achieved by the Service La
Tue 18 Aug 09
When we were approached by Ford UK in relation to achieving a way of retrieving lost and lapsed customers from their service...
‘Good News’ equals Great experience
Thu 5 Mar 09
I still believe it is an education process and NOT a sales process i.e. until we can show (educate) the customer value driven alternatives, there is absolutely no reason for the customer to want to talk to us. It then becomes a waiting game. Why not be PRO-ACTIVE and make things happen!
Vauxhall UK Report
Wed 25 Feb 09
Collectively as of the beginning of September the total numbers of sales were 161 and that figure is still rising.
South Africa Update 2009
Wed 11 Feb 09
After the success of the 'Good News' programme in South Africa 2008, we have been asked back! From January to mid-April 2009 we will be running 17 programmes with Land Rover and Jaguar across South Africa from Cape Town to Johannesburg.
Ferrari and Maserati finally see the benefits of Experience-GB and the ‘Good News’ programme first h
Tue 6 Jan 09
If you are looking to create a fantastic opportunity to talk to YOUR existing customers, then don't hesitate to contact Experience-GB and you too can reap the rewards, WHATEVER your franchise.
Mon 28 Jul 08
140 calls received, 78 appointments gained and 50 Vehicles sold at ONE dealer..!!! And all this from ONLY 524 letters sent out to the customers..! Read full testimonial from dealer...
Wed 28 May 08
After several very successful years working with over 600 dealers and 31 franchisees in the United Kingdom we have now had the opportunity to trying our ‘Good News’ programme in the USA...
Good News! The story so far..
Wed 12 Sep 07
If you haven't heard of Experience-GB as yet, it's about time you did! This revolutionary new sales technique is taking the Land Rover dealer network by storm. 47 dealers have already taken the course and are spellbound by the results they've achieved.

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