Good News! The story so far..

If you haven't heard of Experience-GB as yet, it's about time you did! This revolutionary new sales technique is taking the Land Rover dealer network by storm. 47 dealers have already taken the course and are spellbound by the results they've achieved. So far, the statistics across the network look like this:

...and they are just getting started!

You're probably staring at this in disbelief. We hope to give you an in-depth perspective by introducing you to some success stories.

Says Rob Dunn, the sales manager of Guy Salmon Land Rover Coventry about Experience-GB, " What an experience! It's not often I am speechless, but in this instance I am". Rob and his team have sold 6 cars to date. They received 150 phone calls into the business in just 48 hours after sending out the 'Good News' letters of which they managed to convert 48 to appointments right away.

When asked about the training, he said, "The training was excellent, very hands-on. The representative from Experience-GB was with our team for 3 days and made sure every member was confident taking calls. But what I enjoyed most about the course were the results it produced!"

Ottons Land Rover sent out 348 letters on the eve of 6th February. They received their first call the next morning at 9.05 am. From then up to 2.30 pm, they received 38 call ins and fixed 23 appointments which works out to 11% response and over 60% conversion to appointments! We've just received news that they've sold their first vehicle. Well done to Stuart Babey!

27 more Land Rover dealers have signed up to experience the magic. For those of you who will be undertaking the training soon, here are a few points to help you prepare for it:

If you haven't begun raking in the profits yet, pick up the phone and call Andrew Batts on 0770 833 5073 to confirm the dates for your training. Alternatively, you can email him at

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Maranello Ferrari, Egham, Surrey
Jon Morgan, General Sales Manager, Maranello Ferrari, Egham, Surrey
Jon Morgan, General Sales Manager, Maranello Ferrari, Egham, Surrey
Sparshatts Group  Skoda Southampton Hampshire 2012
Ben Jellett
To be completely honest when I first heard about this programme I was very skeptical
Wrights Mazda Norwich January 2012
Russell Whythe Dealer Principal
HA Fox Jaguar Nottingham 2012
Alan Reed General Manager
I thought that I would just drop you a line to give you my feedback on the Good News event conducted by Stuart.
Westover Group Dorset 2012
Jon Mack Sales Manager
WKB Toyota Waterlooville 2012
Giles Houghton Sales Manager
North City Auto’s Mitsubishi 2013
Ed Tyrrell. Managing Director
Islington Trowbridge LTD 2013
Paul Jones. Managing Director.
Hi Paul, firstly I would like to thank you for the energy and enthusiasm
Fiat Buckhurst Hill 2013
Paul Rumsby Sales Manager
Mark Smith General Manager
Morning Andrew, Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thanks for the efficiency and enthusiasm your team have manged to impart on our sales teams during our recent Good News events.

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