South Africa Update 2009

After the success of the 'Good News' programme in South Africa 2008, we have been asked back! From January to mid-April 2009 we will be running 17 programmes with Land Rover and Jaguar across South Africa from Cape Town to Johannesburg.

We have already achieved some excellent results...

Jaguar Cape Town

**Cape Town Jaguar update on 16th Feb 09**

McMcCarthy Land Rover

These are the first two programmes that have taken place with 14 more to go, please watch this space for additions that will be added.

Stollenbosch Land Rover

All in all it has been a fantastic start to our time here and I am sure all these figures above will increase and the deals will follow as in 2008!

Want to know more and how your dealership or franchise could benefit form our services? Then read through a few of our testimonials from around the world and then contact our marketing manager, Joy Ashton on +44 (0)1638 780057 and ask any questions you want... hundreds of dealers and manufacturers have already done so!

'Good News' equals Great experience

In my recent past career in Education and Training, I tried hard to introduce a concept of "Dare to be Different"!! A big part of this was to spend more time up front with the customer so that the sale almost became the result of a job/process well done. I am a great believer in "selling the way the customer wants to buy" rather than the way we like to sell.

I still believe it is an education process and NOT a sales process i.e. until we can show (educate) the customer value driven alternatives, there is absolutely no reason for the customer to want to talk to us. It then becomes a waiting game. Why not be PRO-ACTIVE and make things happen!

I was then extremely fortunate to "see" Andy in action. He had the Land Rover guys send out 170 "good news" letters to existing owners via speed post. 48 hours later and the phones were going crazy - probably more activity that we have experienced in the past weeks or even months.

The key to the way in which these calls are handled is great. It starts with the switchboard, which in itself is an important opening part to the process. The sales guys are instructed to follow a simple process i.e. one knows exactly where you are in the process so that, in the event of the customer deviating, it is very easy to get back on track. The object of the exercise is to confirm loyalty, generate sincere interest and, ultimately, get the appointment. Under NO circumstances is there an attempt to sell "over the phone". There are NO gimmicks or "pressure tactics".

I hasten to add that the sales guys are normally very reluctant to try anything different i.e. it really is "business as usual". Andy had these guys into the process quickly and, of course, the cherry on the top was that we were all witnessing the results. We even had customers walking on to the floor with their letters in their hands - "tell me more!!" Amazing.

Great stuff Andy, lots of initial valid input from yourself regarding training and introduction to the process and then 48 hours later, reality - knowledge became action and the sales folk confidence went skywards!! Who said one cannot teach an old dog new tricks??

Keep in touch and hope we meet again!!



Group Development Manager


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fax 041 487 1048

East London

For a "small sleepy coastal city" like East London, the Experience GB was certainly something new, not only for us, but for our customers as well.

The "Good News Letter" intrigued our customers so much that they just had to phone in or some even came in with the letter to find out more. This new fresh approach definitely worked.

The important thing is that prior to sending the letters Andy put this process across to us in a way that made us buy into this whole project and with this fresh approach the process worked extremely well with proven results, not only for now but I am sure, for the future as well.

I have no hesitation in recommending this to any Dealer who may have reservations about doing something like this. A great idea!!!

Les Lees

Sales Manager

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Jon Morgan, General Sales Manager, Maranello Ferrari, Egham, Surrey
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To be completely honest when I first heard about this programme I was very skeptical
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I thought that I would just drop you a line to give you my feedback on the Good News event conducted by Stuart.
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Hi Paul, firstly I would like to thank you for the energy and enthusiasm
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Paul Rumsby Sales Manager
Mark Smith General Manager
Morning Andrew, Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thanks for the efficiency and enthusiasm your team have manged to impart on our sales teams during our recent Good News events.

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