Limitations are simply a state of mind..! This is what most of our training and development is based upon.

If you believe that nothing will, can or should change, then I can guarantee 'NOTHING WILL'..! I could rephrase that as being 'stuck in your ways'

A lot of what our clients do in their everyday work environment is exactly what they did the day, week or month before. This is because shy away from change, its what most people tend to be afraid of.

Therefore in order to help our customers it's crucial that we know their real requirements. A great deal of our customers have been doing the same thing for years purely because that's what they have always done and competition was nothing like it is today. The telephone terminology and skill sets are therefore of the up most importance as 99% of our initial contacts are achieved in this way.

Within our recruitment training it is very important to be able to ascertain the customer's real and true requirements for the positions they require fulfilling.

Using negative and reverse psychology it allows us to find out if there are any 'actual' vacancies available, not ghost positions, and get to talk to the real decision makers.

To really achieve anything we need to get in front of these people. The passive control element of our approach is immense and we have achieved some excellent results because of it.

The phone should therefore be used for preliminary contact only. The real depth of discussion should be left till you are face to face.

We need to find out which skill sets and knowledge the customer needs from the recruit in order to place the right people in the right positions. We have to develop a win-win situation to maximise everyone's potential and gain the best results for all.

This is why we strongly believe in all our training that 'leading from the front' is the only way forward.

We start by creating a strong understanding in what we aim to achieve and break down what is at present being attempted. This again is the only way to monitor progress and hands-on development of 'your' employees.

If we do not start with some kind of measure of 'where you are now' how can you expect to see any progress?

Success breeds success, as we began we will end...

Limitations are simply a state of mind..!

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