I asked one simple question. 'Would this work with Ferrari and Maserati?'

As with all so called 'marketing' programmes I have always had a great deal of scepticism. But in the present climate of the motor industry and after speaking to a colleague that had worked with the Experience-GB team and achieved some excellent result with their Good News programme and Jaguar, I decided to give there Director a call.

I knew the results they had achieved with other franchises so I asked them one simple question...'Would this work with Ferrari and Maserati'.?

I was assured by their Director, Andrew Batts, that it would and he loosely explained about how the programme works.

From this conversation we arranged a date to run the programme. Again, as we were already in November and I didn't believe the timing was right; Andrew assured me that the time of year didn't matter so we subsequently ran the programme from the 8th December through to the 10th.

We sent only 390 Good News letters out on the 8th and sure enough he was true to his word and our phones started to ring the very next day, 9th December. By the end of that week we had already received in excess of 80 phone calls into the dealership. (That's just over 20% response in just 5 days.!)

From these calls and the subsequent appointments made we have already sold 4 vehicles..!

Andrew was very hands on taking 29 of the initial calls himself, making 9 appointments in the two days of calls he was here

I can only say my scepticism has completely gone and I am very pleased with the results.

I am sure we will be running the programme again later in 2009.

Best regards

Jon Morgan, General Sales Manager, Maranello Ferrari, Egham, Surrey

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Maranello Ferrari, Egham, Surrey
Jon Morgan, General Sales Manager, Maranello Ferrari, Egham, Surrey
Jon Morgan, General Sales Manager, Maranello Ferrari, Egham, Surrey
Sparshatts Group  Skoda Southampton Hampshire 2012
Ben Jellett
To be completely honest when I first heard about this programme I was very skeptical
Wrights Mazda Norwich January 2012
Russell Whythe Dealer Principal
HA Fox Jaguar Nottingham 2012
Alan Reed General Manager
I thought that I would just drop you a line to give you my feedback on the Good News event conducted by Stuart.
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Jon Mack Sales Manager
WKB Toyota Waterlooville 2012
Giles Houghton Sales Manager
North City Auto’s Mitsubishi 2013
Ed Tyrrell. Managing Director
Islington Trowbridge LTD 2013
Paul Jones. Managing Director.
Hi Paul, firstly I would like to thank you for the energy and enthusiasm
Fiat Buckhurst Hill 2013
Paul Rumsby Sales Manager
Mark Smith General Manager
Morning Andrew, Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thanks for the efficiency and enthusiasm your team have manged to impart on our sales teams during our recent Good News events.

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