"We got you at a great time at the beginning of a registration month..."

Just a short note to tell you how we got on this time round!

We sent out 550 letters to a select batch of customers from our database and to date have had in excess of 150 phone calls and 40 people actually come in for their appointments. We are still getting the odd phone call or walk in on the back of the letter and to date have sold a total of 14 cars. 5 of these sales are used cars and 9 are new. We have taken in part exchange 9 or 10 superb retail cars that would be very difficult to buy in the current market and I expect to see a good return when we sell these (we have already sold 2).

In several cases I have done a much better deal than I would normally do but these deals are totally incremental and would not have been in front of us without the "Good news" message. When you add in the F & I and part exchange opportunities it begins to look a very worthwhile exercise. I suspect that by the time I add up the total profits from the 14 deals and the profits from the part exchanges when they are all sold, we would have generated in the region of 15-20k, not a bad return on your fee. Our service department have also benefited with the preparation on the part exchanges and the pdis etc!

Having used Experience GB once before where it was not a success I was unsure as to how well we would do in the current climate. I have to commend Experience-GB on their training which clearly had a big impact on my sales team who must also take much of the credit as they really bought into the concept and stuck to the message and listened to everything we asked. Fortunately we did have some extra support from the manufacturer on certain new cars which I must say made a big difference. Customers do expect "good news" and without this extra money I believe it would have been a struggle as you have to overcome the objection "that is no better than a deal I could normally get from any garage". I also think we got you at a great time at the beginning of a registration month which also adds weight to the exercise and I would like to book you again, please for the 2nd of March 2009 and hopefully we can generate the same returns.

Please pass on my thanks to the team at Experience GB and I look forward to seeing you in March next year.

Paul Moutarde, General Sales Manager, Gatwick Honda, Crawley

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Maranello Ferrari, Egham, Surrey
Jon Morgan, General Sales Manager, Maranello Ferrari, Egham, Surrey
Jon Morgan, General Sales Manager, Maranello Ferrari, Egham, Surrey
Sparshatts Group  Skoda Southampton Hampshire 2012
Ben Jellett
To be completely honest when I first heard about this programme I was very skeptical
Wrights Mazda Norwich January 2012
Russell Whythe Dealer Principal
HA Fox Jaguar Nottingham 2012
Alan Reed General Manager
I thought that I would just drop you a line to give you my feedback on the Good News event conducted by Stuart.
Westover Group Dorset 2012
Jon Mack Sales Manager
WKB Toyota Waterlooville 2012
Giles Houghton Sales Manager
North City Auto’s Mitsubishi 2013
Ed Tyrrell. Managing Director
Islington Trowbridge LTD 2013
Paul Jones. Managing Director.
Hi Paul, firstly I would like to thank you for the energy and enthusiasm
Fiat Buckhurst Hill 2013
Paul Rumsby Sales Manager
Mark Smith General Manager
Morning Andrew, Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thanks for the efficiency and enthusiasm your team have manged to impart on our sales teams during our recent Good News events.

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