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This is a unique and fantastic programme of Data Cleansing, Sales Training and Development all rolled into one. Within the motor industry alone and in just under six years, the Good News programme has sold in excess of 7000 vehicles over 31 franchises, grossing in excess of £6.3 million in group profit; that's for the dealerships I hasten to add..! It also provides an excellent way of communicating with your customers in a conversational style, makes appointments and even 'sells' your products along the way.

Sounds like a massive task but the programme has proven itself time after time. But please don't take our word for it, have a look through our testimonials and hear what other people have to say about their results and thoughts on the programme and as over 90% of all our new business comes from personal recommendation, we must be doing something right.

A lot of our customers are sitting on a gold mine with their existing data bases but do not use it in the right manner or to its full extent. All a lot of them will do is send out their 'standard' follow up or 'courtesy' letter, what we might call conventional 'direct mail' and as we all know this achieves little or no response at all, the average being between 1% and 3% response.

Because of this kind of response and the negativity it instills within your sales executives, they become disillusioned and very negative towards any form of follow up to your customers, it psychologically prepares them for a negative response on the customers part and allows them to 'follow' this negativity, achieving nothing from the call.

The 'Good News'© programme takes 100 times more control over the whole approach, gaining between 21% and 63% initial response from the customers after they have received the 'Good News'© letter. (A little more than the 1%-3% as above..!) This, however, is the easy bit. What do you now say to a customer to curb their scepticism, retain their intrigue and develop their interest?

This is where our 'Structure' and 'Formatted' approach come into play. We 'run' the entire programme from start to finish, gaining a great deal more 'buy in' from the whole team due to the 'third' party influence and lack of complacency on their part. We are the unknown quantity and keep them on them sharper.

We guide the team through the whole programme, making them aware of what is going to happen and, more importantly, how and why it's going to happen. As I've said, the psychology behind what we do and achieve is immense. We don't expect them to take all of this on board but we do need them to have an 'understanding' of what's going on. Otherwise they will not see the benefit to them.

This is because scepticism in what we do is very high due to the results we promise. So in some cases we back this up with past results, but as over 90% of all our new business comes from personal recommendation, most of our job is already done and a certain amount of belief is already installed due to this introduction.

Seeing though is definitely believing and once again our TESTIMONIALS pages are set up so you can see and read for yourselves other peoples' comments about what we achieved for them.

Experience-GB is very much a company that leads from the front. We strongly believe that to show is far better than to tell. All too many companies make promises that are never fulfilled.

Within this programme we show the whole team it working, several times in live situations, conversations with customers etc before we expect them to participate at all.

Everything they have been taught they will see come to life in these situations and we believe from the feedback we have received that this is the best way forward for them to learn and have 'belief' in us and the programme itself.

Doing things 'live' allows us to pinpoint any weaknesses they may have and help them build upon their strengths. We are not there to fix anything that is not broken; we are simply there to enhance their existing skills. Something that can't be done in a role play scenario, this is just false and pointless. There's nothing real about it.

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